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Seniors Get Fit with 6 Weeks of Exercise

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Gillingham: Saturday 11th June 2022 marked the end of a 6-week exercise course aimed at improving the strength, flexibility and mobility of older people.

The course drew over 30 South Asian participants ranging in age from their 60s to their late 80s, and has ended with a demand for more exercise sessions to take place!

The group is part of Sahara, a community initiative that aims to reduce the health and social inequalities faced by elderly residents of South Asian origin.

Lena & Fitter, a Medway-based personal trainer and fitness coach, tailored the exercise sessions – which took place seated and using the aid of chairs – with view of the needs of individual participants, allowing everyone to get involved.

“Everyone was really engaged, enthusiastic and wanted lots more information to improve their health and fitness – it was fantastic to see!” Lena said.

“One participant had a stiff shoulder with reduced range of motion. He couldn’t lift his arm above his head. 4 weeks into the course and he could not only lift his arm above his head, but also behind it and without any pain. Feedback like that makes it all worthwhile”.

We'd like to thank Lena for putting on these sessions for the benefit of our older people!

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