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  • How old do you have to be to join?
    Those aged 50 and over are welcome to join us. There’s no upper age limit.
  • What does this cost?
    All of our activities are free, except for our day trips where we ask for a nominal fee to help cover costs. We offer activities for free because we want to remove financial barriers to people joining us. We will happily accept donations!
  • My mother/ father is unable to get to you. Do you offer transport?
    We do offer transport for those who really have no other means of getting to us in the form of a minibus, and through volunteer lifts. However, we can’t always guarantee that this will be possible, as it all depends on whether volunteers are available on a given day to drive the minibus or give lifts. We’ll always try our best.
  • My mother/ father has mobility issues and is concerned about joining your events. Can you do anything to help?
    We provide a limited number of wheelchairs and a rollator to ensure that users can join our activities, and feel safe doing so. We can transport users from the drop-off point to the event venue in a wheelchair, and can take them out in a wheelchair too. Outside of these mobility aids, we’ll always offer a helping hand.
  • I’m nervous about attending your event because I don’t know anyone there.
    It’s completely normal to feel anxious about coming along to something new for the first time. We have friendly volunteers on hand to greet you and help you feel at home. You’re also welcome to get in touch prior to attending so that we can have a chat and get to know each other!
  • Do you only accept South Asians?
    No, anyone over 50 is welcome to join us. However, we do target older South Asian people through the languages we speak and the activities we choose.
  • How many staff do you have?
    We don’t have any paid staff, only volunteers dedicating their free time to the community.
  • Who can volunteer with Sahara? What skills are needed?
    You don’t need a plethora of skills to volunteer with us, and we’ll support you to develop your skills and experience. The main things that you’ll need are a passion for making a positive difference, an understanding of the cultures that we work with, and a commitment to the voluntary role. We require that all volunteers complete an enhanced DBS check and undertake training sessions.


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