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Video: Candle Decorating to Celebrate Diwali

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Gillingham: On Saturday 6th November, Sahara took the opportunity to transform its monthly social get-together into a special Diwali celebration!

The free event stood as an opportunity for older people from South Asian backgrounds to meet, mingle and feast on traditional foods. It included a candle decorating workshop, followed by a presentation and interactive workshop on exercise with Lena and Fitter.

Lena, a Medway-based personal trainer and women’s health coach, spoke through the basics of healthy diet and nutrition before leading everyone through accessible seated exercises.

Paramjot Kaur, Founder of Sahara, said:

“It’s been lovely to see everyone getting involved and laughing through the exercises. We all need to keep moving, but classes like these are important in demonstrating HOW older people or those with restricted mobility can do that".

She added,

“Improved health and wellbeing – whether physical or mental – is at the heart of everything we do. Candle decorating gave us the chance to unwind while having a good chat, and it’s part of a wider Christmas donation initiative – so next month, participants can feel the benefits of giving what they’ve worked on to a local women’s shelter”.

The day also saw attendance from community partners including Medway Puzzles, Medway Interfaith Action, Public Health and Rethink Sahayak.

Sahara provides support for older South Asian people and carers by offering befriending, socials, day-to-day support, accessible exercise, meal deliveries, information and signposting.


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